Leadership & Adaptive Capacity    Collective Trauma & Cultural Renewal

Leadership Consultant and Coach, guiding individuals and communities from collective trauma towards cultural renewal, enhancing resilience and adaptive capabilities

Sousan Abadian

Ongoing Webinar Series


An Invitation to The Sacred

Accessing our Indigenous Wisdom

May 3 - June 21, 2022

A live webinar series with Sousan Abadian and Brian Anderson


Hosted by Confer, an independent organisation established by psychotherapists offering cutting-edge seminars and conferences

In this seven-week course, our facilitators Sousan Abadian and Brian Anderson will take us on a journey of discovery of ancient restorative practices, beginning on Beltaine and culminating in a communal ceremony on the Summer Solstice. Participants will learn how to connect with the deepest aspects of themselves, to come into the right relationship with the natural world and the interconnected planet that we all call home.

“Sousan has a huge combination of imagination, intelligence, and concern for empirical data. [Her research is] pioneering, highly original work.”

– Professor Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate in Economics 

Amartya Sen, Sousan Abadian

About Sousan

Dr. Sousan Abadian has an independent practice, teaching, speaking, and consulting internationally on leadership, innovation, and culture change. She helps her clients cultivate inner exponential technologies to enhance their well-being, creativity, resilience, and performance. 
Sousan holds a Ph.D. in Political Economy and Government from Harvard University, an M.P.A. in International Development from Harvard's Kennedy School, and an M.A. in the Anthropology of Social Change and Development, also from Harvard University. She has served as a Fellow at M.I.T.'s Dalai Lama Center for Ethics & Transformative Values as well as at the Harvard Center for Public Leadership. Between 2017-2019, she also served as a Franklin Fellow at the U.S. State Department’s Office of International Religious Freedom, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, focused on preventing violent extremism.

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A.R.I.A. Coaching
Individual leadership development & life skills

“I came to Sousan hoping to find clarity about my ideal next career step and I walked away with so much more. Intuitively intelligent, her technique is a unique blend of art and science, helping even the most skeptical of clients take the leap of faith and believe in themselves and find a pragmatic way to achieve their dreams.”

- Rum Ekhtiar

Founder & Partner, Per Se Partners 

Public Speaking & Workshops

Collective Trauma, Post-Traumatic Narratives, & Cultural Renewal

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Webinar Recording

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Any presentation can be more fully explored in half or full-day workshops

The Religion & Spirituality Series

Healing from Collective Trauma
Webinar ​
with Dr. Sousan Abadian,
Dr. Doris Brothers, & Dr. Jack Saul

Recorded on October 9, 2020

Media Features

Post Traumatic Growth (after COVID-19) – Dr Sousan Abadian

The Weekend University
Post Traumatic Growth (after COVID-19) – Dr Sousan Abadian
Post Traumatic Growth (after COVID-19) – Dr Sousan Abadian

Post Traumatic Growth (after COVID-19) – Dr Sousan Abadian

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Learning from Vulnerability with Dr. Sousan Abadian & Sister Jenna

Learning from Vulnerability with Dr. Sousan Abadian & Sister Jenna

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Lucid Horizons: Episode 12- Perspective to Liberation

Lucid Horizons: Episode 12- Perspective to Liberation

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Are You a Carrier of the "Trauma Virus" w/ Dr. Sousan Abadian

Are You a Carrier of the "Trauma Virus" w/ Dr. Sousan Abadian

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"I can’t thank you enough for an informative, inspiring presentation…you gave me hope for our government and a reminder to continue to work on myself, to meet anger with kindness and fear with love."

- Sherry Schiller, Ph.D.

President, Schiller Center for Connective Change

Collective Trauma and Challenges to Diplomacy
The U.S. Department of State Official Blog 
Trails of Tears and Hope
"Collective trauma" takes a ferocious toll on human societies, yet there are pathways to healing.
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