"I can’t thank you enough for an informative, inspiring presentation… you gave me hope for our government and a reminder to continue to work on myself, to meet anger with kindness and fear with love."

- Sherry Schiller, Ph.D.

President, Schiller Center for Connective Change

Articles About Sousan's Work 

Collective Trauma and Challenges to Diplomacy
The U.S. Department of State Official Blog 
Trails of Tears and Hope
"Collective trauma" takes a ferocious toll on human societies, yet there are pathways to healing.
Harvard Magazine


From Slavery to Freedom
An interview of Sousan Abadian
Healing Collective Trauma

When is Consent not Consent? Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting & A Call for Cultural Renewal, (to be published, 2021-22).

Free Me to Love(to be published, 2022-23).

"Healing the Zoroastrian Diaspora Community - Part 3"

Chehreh Nama (198), June 2021.

"The Damage of Collective Trauma on Iranian Culture" 

Transcript of Interview with Sousan Abadian, Counsel on Persian Culture, June 2020.

"The Magi's Reminder"

a short story adapted from Dr. Scott Peck, A Road Less Traveled, April 2019.

"Zoroastrian Renaissance: The Rebirth of A Chivalry of Light"

Chehreh Nama (193), March 2020.

“Mastering Memories,” chapter in The Political Culture of Forgiveness and Reconciliation,

Leonel Narvaez, editor. Published in Latin America, August 2009, and in the U.S., 2010

“Taming the Beast: Trauma in Jewish Religious and Political Life” (co-authored with Tamar Miller),

Journal of Jewish Communal Service. Volume 83, Number 2/3

“Cultural Healing: When Cultural Renewal is Reparative and when it is Toxic.”
Pimatisiwin: A J. of Indigenous and Aboriginal Community Health

From Wasteland to Homeland: Trauma and the Renewal of Indigenous Peoples and their Communities (Harvard University Doctoral Thesis, 1999).

“Nation-building in a Traumatized World" (Harvard interfaculty distribution), April 2003.

“Women’s Autonomy and Its Impact on Fertility,” World Development (lead article, December 1996)

The Status of Women in Bangladesh: Implications for Fertility and Population Policies

(Harvard University Master’s Thesis), June 1986.