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“Thank you so much for today - you have no idea what an impact you make! Just getting a chance to talk with you for a short while clears away the emotional fog, brings me back to my center, and allows me to bring my best to whatever I’m doing. The people who work for me have noticed the changes and keep remarking to me how different I am, and how come? They are grateful for how much better their work environment has become. You know that I’ve highly recommended you to my colleagues, and at the same time, truthfully, I don’t want to share you too widely because I love how accessible you are. You’re like a rare treasure.”

- LM, Executive Vice President

“Working with Sousan over the past 9 months has transformed my life. Her compassionate wisdom and intuition has ushered me into a new and more joyful way of being. Through her coaching and introducing me to spiritual realms, I have been able to step beyond the trauma I experienced as a child and find a path to total healing -- physically, emotionally and spiritually. Sousan has shown me how to let joy direct my actions rather than fear. She has helped me to connect with a life force that I previously knew existed but did not know how to reach. I also know that when I face challenges I have many new tools Sousan has shared with me. For me, Sousan is an angel. I am truly blessed to have received her gifts.” 

- Annette McGivney, Author of Pure Land

“I have found Sousan’s work to be unlike any I have experienced in the past. In a word, it is EFFECTIVE. Her ability to size up a situation and with a laser like focus, zero in on the core issues is uncanny. In my case, which I suspect is not uncommon, I was in the habit pattern of self-recrimination and shame for any outcome that was not perfect. A self-reinforcing negative cycle. Her gift is the ability to lead a person to realization and discovery in a framework of self-love and empowerment. I experienced this as a drastic interruption of old patterning and a reorientation of my energies, which have opened tremendous new opportunities.”

- F.B. O’Neil, Wealth Management Consultant

I have been working with Sousan for several months and she has awakened me!I am a successful professional with a great deal of abundance in my life but had also felt some dissatisfaction. Not only is she helping me clarify the vision of my life as I would like to experience it, but also, she has helped me uncover how my past experiences carry on, continuing to negatively affect my life. I am learning that I can choose to have it be different. I am discovering who I truly am, learning to listen to my feelings, forgive the past, and learning to be present – to live more, laugh more and dream more. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Sousan!

- Sherry Kelly

“I came to Sousan hoping to find clarity about my ideal next career step and I walked away with so much more. By working with Sousan, I was able to set aside pre-conceived notions of what I “should” and was capable of achieving. She helped me discover and embrace what truly drove me as an individual. As a result, I began believing I was capable of achieving these goals, but more importantly, deserving of the dreams themselves. Intuitively intelligent, her technique is a unique blend of art and science, helping even the most skeptical of clients take the leap of faith and believe in themselves and find a pragmatic way to achieve their dreams.”

- Rum Ekhtiar, Founder & Partner, Per Se Partners

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