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Past Offerings


An Invitation to The Sacred

Accessing our Indigenous Wisdom

May 3 - June 21, 2022

Accredited Continuing Education Course

with Sousan Abadian and Brian Anderson


Hosted by Confer, an independent organisation established by psychotherapists offering cutting-edge seminars and conferences

In this seven-week course, our facilitators Sousan Abadian and Brian Anderson will take us on a journey of discovery of ancient restorative practices, providing innovated mental health resources to frontline mental health workers. 

Inner Child Retreats
Transform childhood trauma,
reclaim your wholeness, joy, and creativity

Whatever success you’ve achieved, do you sometimes look in the mirror and wonder, isn’t there more to life? In a safe space, you’ll be given an opportunity to unearth beliefs and stories you made up as young children that color and limit the ways you experience yourself and your world. You’ll receive tools to communicate with this young part, create new emotional ‘muscle memory” going forward, allowing you to experience more freedom, joy, and creativity.

Mother and Child on Beach
Green Leaves
Leadership Immersion
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