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“Yesterday I was clever, so 

I wanted to change the world. 

Today I am wise, so 

I am changing myself.”


– Rumi

ARIA Coaching, Carve Your Destiny

Image: "Carve Your Own Destiny" by Michael Oswald

Our lives are more malleable than we think they are, but often, we are caught in limiting stories and beliefs about of what we think we’re capable of being, doing, having, and giving. The status quo may come to feel set in stone. Who would you be without your confining beliefs and stories, and what would bring you more life? What matters to you, what inspires you, and what more would you like to experience? 


 A.R.I.A. coaching teaches you a radical form of

  • Awareness – free yourself from limiting narratives and connect with your deeper aspirations

  • Responsibility – consciously sculpt a life you will love regardless of current circumstances

  • Imagination – envision what feels inspiring and meaningful in your life 

  • Action – live into that vision, take inspired action and allow yourself to receive


"I use the term sovereignty to describe becoming free of the baggage of drama, limiting stories, beliefs, habitual suffering, and preconceived notions that interfere with you having greater dominion over your life – creating and experiencing joy and peace regardless of circumstances." - Sousan 

Tailored to your needs and comfort, you will be offered various tools and skills to: 

  • Help you expand beyond what has kept you bound


  • Push the envelope of what’s possible, to see new options and alternative pathways


  • Teach you the concrete skills you need to sculpt more of the life you dream of having


  • Make a difference in ways that make your heart sing 


  • Take you on the adventure of a lifetime


  • 6 and 12-week programs, that includes home-play and explorations

  • stand-alone leadership and life skills mentoring


Coaching programs are offered both for small groups (up to 15), and as one-on-one sessions. Individual sessions can vary between 15-90 minutes, with shorter sessions designed for clients who have previously worked with Sousan in longer formats and who find they require only periodic, short immersions. 


Please contact us with questions, to book Sousan for a talk, request to join 

a group, to set up personal deep-dive coaching or mentoring sessions. You

can also ask for a complimentary 20-minute strategy coaching with Sousan. 

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